The Process

Concordance Home Care is dedicated to caring for clients from a whole family perspective.  While our focus is the safety and care of our clients, we are aware that seniors often do not recognize or readily accept the need for help. Working closely with the entire family, Concordance Home Care develops care solutions that reflect real needs and expectations.

Paying close attention to the needs of all concerned is the foundation of our care services. We understand how stressful and distracting it can be to worry about a loved one’s well-being. That’s why we go that extra mile to deliver services that support and nurture independence while providing the peace of mind families need.

While no two care scenarios are alike, there is a protocol we follow in order to customize care plans that meet every need. Once you contact Concordance Home Care, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have via phone or set up an appointment for our Client Services Director to visit your home, at no cost or obligation. In-home visits are normally scheduled within 24-hours of your call.

Our Client Services Director will take time to get to know you, evaluate needs, and discuss preferences. From there, we will recommend a plan of care. Prior to sending a caregiver to your home, we evaluate your needs against our caregiver’s skills and personality to guarantee a good match for all. You will have an opportunity to meet and approve your caregiver. Once a care plan and caregiver are agreed upon, service normally begins within 48-hours or less.


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